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Timesheet Outlook – Making Timesheets Work More Efficiently

Timesheets are a wonderful productivity tool and though they were developed initially to allow an employee to account for the amount of time spent on any activity or task, it is now an effective tool used to reduce costs, increase profits and improve the overall health of companies. With the widespread adaptation of technologies such as timesheet outlook features in Microsoft Outlook, timesheets are now more user-friendly and powerful than ever before.

There are many advantages of using software such as timesheet Outlook.

  • They have made payroll processing far more efficient. Earlier, when the entries for time would be made manually and data would be collected manually, there would be many errors in payroll calculation. This would naturally lead to great dissatisfaction amongst employees and management would spend a lot of time resolving payroll disputes. Using tools such as timesheet Outlook, these errors and payroll disputes are almost all eliminated.
  • Manual entry of the time spend on different projects also meant errors in the number of hours that clients were being billed. Many employees who would be working across multiple projects would either not remember the exact hours spent on each project or would forget to enter them the same day. Thus, many clients would be billed for less number of hours, leading to a loss in income to the organization. Timesheet Outlook allows accurate time tracking and thus increases the revenue for the organization.

It is not difficult to see how by using timesheet outlook features, an organization can cut costs and increase revenues. These timesheets though are still associated with some problems.

Timesheet Outlook

Timesheet Outlook

As mentioned earlier, many employees work across multiple projects. Many timesheet tools require the employees to access a different system for each project and enter their time. Else, it takes users a long time in understanding the timesheet tool interface so much so that instead of making the system more efficient, employees take a long time to simply fill out their timesheet using the new tool.

TimeSheet Reporter recognized the problems that both management and staff faced and realized that the need of the hour was a tool that was simple to use but also contained powerful timesheet Outlook features that would help the organization manage its time and resources efficiently. With Microsoft Outlook and its calendar feature, being arguably one of the best time tracking features used in most business organizations today, it was not a difficult choice for TimeSheet Reporter to make about which timesheet Outlook feature to build on.

Today, TimeSheet Reporter allows employees to simply use the timesheet Outlook feature to choose the relevant activity, project or organization and include it in the appointment. Once the appointment is done, by simply clicking on ‘Submit’, the details of the activity are sent to the supervisor to be included with the rest of the timesheets. Not surprisingly, TimeSheet Reporter has made it very easy to track time, monitor activities and collect useful business information with the help of this timesheet Outlook feature.

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